Gentlemen’s Network

Trained successful businessmen mentor local men on better living (related to IPV and business practice) leading to better communication. The mentors and mentees all commit to following a code of living which commits to building a community that does not tolerate violence. They will take advantage of community gatherings to spread the SAFE campaign key messages.

This intervention was a response to the insights that men feel they do not have alternatives for conflict resolution, and they do not see beating their partner as wrong. The training content will help men to realise the negative impact of IPV from individual, couple, family levels, right through to community level, it will also strengthen men’s capacity in terms of non-violent conflict resolution and taking the alternative action. The business aspect of the concept was a response to an insight that men expect to hang onto their superior role despite their inability to take care of the family and use emotional, financial, sexual and/or physical violence to maintain power over their partners, if they fail to fulfil this role, it triggers the violence hence the need for PSI to capacitate them in doing business to achieve this supervisor, provider role.

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